Gorilla Dumpster Bag is a brand new, local, small business.  We spent three years designing, engineering, and patenting the award-winning Gorilla Dumpster Bag, and the Gorilla Bag Stand.  Our 5.5 cubic yard dumpster bag is one of the largest, and most durable dumpster bags ever produced.  In 2019, we released a second size, 3.0 cubic yard Gorilla Bag for all of your smaller home projects.  The Gorilla Dumpster Bag is placed inside of our patented, light weight, and sturdy stand for easy/safe loading.  Unlike traditional steel dumpsters, our Gorilla Stand is driveway safe.  It will not leave driveway stains, impressions, scrapes, or cracks.


Gorilla Dumpster Bag is less expensive than any other dumpster bag service, guaranteed!  

Our Gorilla Dumpster Bags are perfect for DIY home projects, garage cleanouts, move ins, move outs, carpet disposal, seasonal cleaning, and general junk removal.  


Cleaning up, and have a question about our service?
Send us a note below, and we will get back to you right away!  

Gorilla Bags has the best customer service I have experienced! I made changes to pick up dates, pick up locations, asked for additional bags to be dropped off at multiple locations all via text at my convenience. I was met with positive and immediate responses and all my requests were accommodated.

The Gorilla Bag process is smooth and easy. The functionality allows for just about anyone to be able to set up a second bag. Excellent choice for your dumpster needs!

Quick & easy. Delivered within a couple days of calling, picked up within a couple days of being full. No mess, no hassle. Just under $200 for a stuffed gorilla bag! Great phone customer service, no recordings! Will be re-ordering soon to finish estate cleaning.

My Mom's basement flooded last week on Thursday and we needed to pull all of her carpeting out the next day. I called Gorilla Bags after 4:00 on Thursday and they delivered a bag for us by around 11:30 Friday morning. The process to order and set a pickup time was easy and very friendly. All of that plus they are so cost efficient!

Gorilla Dumpster was recommended by a family member. I’m so happy I chose them.
Fantastic Customer Service! Great price! Delivery and pickup just as planned.
I would highly recommend this company.
*you can fit ALOTin the dumpster bag*