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  • Patented Gorilla Bag & Bag Stand Delivered To Your Home
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Gorilla Dumpster Bag

This is the second time I have used Gorilla Bag out of Eau Claire and can say that they are extremely professional. The bag was delivered as requested and picked up when I asked. They are easy to reach by phone and happy to meet my needs. So I will say again, If you have the need for a small dumpster you should give this company a try. They deliver quickly, set it where you tell them, and the pick up is just as slick. An extremely professional company and pleasant to deal with.

Gorilla Dumpster Bag

I can not say enough about how AMAZING this company is to work with! Right from the start they are so accommodating! Was able to get our kitchen remodel into the bag and it's so sturdy. They were so understanding when WI got dumped on with snow and our project had some kinks, they worked with us each step of the way. Highly recommend! Everyone is so nice, great customer service!!!!

Gorilla Dumpster Bag

I rented the Gorilla Dumpster Bag and cleaned out my garage and under my deck. I had a lot if old junk furniture wood that I could not put in my regular trash bin or recycling bin. They responded quickly via text messaging and everything went absolutely according to the schedule. They were very pleasant on the phone too. A great company to work with. Highly recommended!

Gorilla Dumpster Bag

Excellent customer service! They delivered and pick up the bag on time. It was the perfect size to fit out needs. It didn't take up too much room in our driveway. The woman I dealt with (wish I remembered her name to give her a shout out) was super friendly and more importantly efficient.

Why Us?

Gorilla Dumpster Bag
Less Expensive.
Gorilla Dumpster Bag
Comes with stand.
Gorilla Dumpster Bag
Delivered to home.
Gorilla Dumpster Bag
No hidden fees or charges.